Are you an Energy and emotion-sensitive person looking for a purpose-finding survival course ?

Register here for my Cracking the Dharma Code Masterclass to integrate 3 powerfully balancing, 20-minute Energy Psychology tools so that you can finally break the exhaustion and self-doubt cycles common to empaths and experience the clarity of action your soul intended.

Here’s what you can expect

Module 1

Creating Peace

Taste the freedom of connecting with your all-accepting spiritual guidance team as you learn to alleviate and prevent the exhaustion, anxiety and frustration caused by emotional or energetic overload. Apply practical wisdom to protecting your sacred apace in any environment. Recharge your energy with the help of Archangels and shift your vibration from retreating, to exploring the most pliable spiritual abilities you possess.

Module 2

Dumping the Pain

Need to defy the odds? Shift the internal factors that repetitively attract overwhelming circumstances and Interfere with your ability to set and honor your own boundaries. Participate in 3 forms of cellular level healing that target your personal energy centers hardest hit by exhaustion and trauma so that you can feel calm, focused and confident .

Module 3

Refilling Your Cup

In this module, we all provide you with the tools you need to help you achieve fulfillment in all areas of your life. These trainings continue to ramp up your connection with Source energy. From this higher state of consciousness, unique opportunities become available to you that were not present before. We will also access and strengthen at least 2 transpersonal chakras that hold the storehouse of skills you have accumulated throughout your existence and delve into the Spiritual House of Records for a sneak peak at the purpose behind your decisions to be on this planet at this time.

Client testimonials

“This experience was extraordinary and powerful. I had always questioned myself and my guidance but now I can look back on my life and I can forgive myself for the things I didn’t know. I can better appreciate my innocence and probably the biggest change of all is that for the first time, I’m opening myself up to receive." – DW

“I've always been so jealous when I hear about other people's meditations and how wonderful they are, especially the things they see. This is the first time that I actually saw something and I’ve been trying to meditate for years! I feel good about my life and confident in where I’m going." – KW

“This blew my mind! It was more than anything I expected. The message you gave me from the angels was clearly detailed and very helpful. I have had others give me a few healings but nothing like this level! Wow!" – RD

“[Cynthia] possesses rare spiritual abilities that allow her to connect with others on an unexpected level. [Her] meditations are life changing and an extraordinary experience! They have created and transformed energy in my life. I feel like I'm now so much further on my psychic and spiritual journey." – HT

Course Details

Cracking the Dharma Code is a 12-week, self-paced video tutorial and guided meditation course done from the comfort of your home. Video length is 5-20 minutes and “homework" can take up to twenty, so that ones investment is as little as 40 minutes per week or in practice, 20 min per day.

Because this is my story too….

“I began my career in psychiatry confident that I had found the best vehicle to express my desire to enrich people’s lives, but I soon discovered that few people shared my perspective that how we see ourselves, and what we believe is as important as our biochemistry.

My own clairvoyant and empathic experiences meant that I couldn’t deny the role of spirituality at work in my life, and in the lives of my patients, but I had very little support from my profession at the time. As a result, over and over again, I felt I had no choice but to leave several positions shortly after starting because I couldn’t let go the feeling that there was so much more that I could do if I could just change the way we as providers and patients view wellness. I had always attracted a predominance of persons with anxiety or ADHD and found that both populations consisted of an inordinately high percentage of people who were highly sensitive or psychic themselves. The relief that they felt when they could talk about this with someone who wouldn’t judge them or hospitalize them was completely palpable. Some of what society was calling an Illness was often no more than a manifestation of form of Divine communication.

Trying to get others to understand this was like trying to push against a mountain. There was one point when I was trying to juggle this issue, the job itself and the care of a special needs child, on my own when 2 different doctors thought I had 2 different types of cancer. As it turned out, my symptoms were stress related. I truly believe I was destined to need my own mental health services when I was rescued by Energy psychology. This is a collection of treatments based upon the proven science of Epigenetics. It demonstrates that what we believe and perceive can be even more powerful than our genetics in determining our degree of health, our ability to attract a loving, loyal partner and our ability to thrive in this world. It further demonstrates that trauma and loss can establish a cellular memory imprint that becomes our attractant factor- even when we are consciously trying to do, be or bring something different into our lives, we keep getting the same disappointing result until the imprint is released.

Armed with this information, I dove head-first into learning specific techniques to help others release their cellular memory imprints and the limiting beliefs associated with them. While these techniques are adaptable to a wide variety of belief systems, those that I work with the most and that my clients find most effective are those where I teach them to connect to an angelic helper who does all the heavy lifting. My students call my classes, guided meditations and aura strengthening products nothing short of transformative.

The change that I seek to facilitate in others could only have come after the same change I allowed to take place in myself: To have the courage to embrace myself as uniquely human as well as Divine, the courage be both frustratingly logical and unapologetically intuitive. When I can allow for this, I am at my most creative and most effective. Some might even say that in this state, I am living my soul’s mission. My best gift to the world, is my authentic self and I believe that is true for you as well.

I hope that you will join me on this journey of expansion, that will leave you feeling confident, inspired and supported in a way that you can’t wait to show up in your own life. If you are anything like me, you’ve spent years hiding your abilities, and making yourself small so that you could play it safe or fit in, never appreciating your ability to ease pain, or create understanding when no one else can. There’s never been a more critical need in our world for your kindness, your empathy and your vision. Our best tomorrow begins with the decision you make today, so click the button below and let's get started.